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Volume III, Issue I
Beth Pressler, CRS, GRI
, LTG, PMN - Your Grosse Pointe real estate Resource

This information is brought to you…the on-line browser…with the intention of helping you make the most authentic, profitable, and cost-effective decisions when considering renovating you current home, a home you plan on selling, or that dream house you’ve been watching to buy! I’ll be reporting on interesting advances in the "renovating game" periodically…so bookmark this page and keep watching for informative material that you can use today!

"Respect the Original House When Renovating… Embrace its Features While Maintaining Character That Accurately Portrays A Physical Record of its Own Time"

This paraphrased quote found in a recent issue of Old House Journal, speaks volumes to the new and experienced renovator who is faced with an "add-on" to their historical home.

If you are fortunate enough to have a historically important home, you have more than likely been careful in renovating of any kind in order to maintain your home’s significant qualities that made it "historical" in the first place. When the "add-on" project is planned, the impulse to "dovetail" old with new overpowers our better sense of reason. (And to an extent –"dovetailing" is the goal of our project.) Consider, instead, augmenting your historical project with state-of–the-art features available today.

Integrity, character, functionality, architectural stability … these are qualities you should weigh thoughtfully as you chart out your "add-on".

Integrate your "add-on" with your current structure by researching and/or looking to professional guidance. Tying together the old and the new is an art form laced with imagination.

Character is the outstanding quality that attracted you to that special historical home in the first place…study the nuances of character that you’d like to augment in the addition.

Functionality is the reward for vigilantly planning what utilization your addition will accomplish when completed.

Architectural Stability is the cornerstone of your addition. Without this element, your addition will simply not be worth your efforts. Check with a professional for guidance in this process to avoid any mistakes in the structural integrity/quality of your addition.

Many resources are available to homeowners when considering an "add-on" to historical homes. Your local Library, on-line browsing as well as The National Trust for Historic Preservation are wonderful information resources for historical renovations/additions. Old House Journal is a magazine you can enjoy month after month in the privacy of you own home that has been teaching how to restore antique homes with easy-to-understand words and pictures for nearly 25 years.

If you’re in the process of renovating or adding-on…let me know! E-mail me with your ideas, photos of your project.

Happy renovating!