Volume XIII Issue 1                                                                        1st Quarter 2005


Top Ten Tips For Second Homes

Somewhere, sometime there might come a time when you’re ready for a second home in a vacation destination. Here’s the top ten tips to help in your search from http://www.REALTOR.com/Resort.

1) Define your lifestyle interests. Golf or skiing? In town or country?
2) Determine the ideal travel distance. Driving or flying?
3) Don't sell yourself short by insisting if you buy it you'll use it.
4) Research locations.
5) Select the desired location.
6) Contact a real estate professional. A real estate professional is your eyes and ears in distance places.
7) Visit destinations. Make two or three visits before you purchase.
Review financing options.
9) Involve your tax professional in the financing part of the deal.
10) Purchase through a resort specialist. REALTORS® specializing in a resort area are your best bet. Ask me for a referral...I know several professionals throughout the United States as well as the world!

Enjoy the process. This isn't your primary residence and everything doesn't have to be perfect. Have a little fun with it. You probably don't have to be near the best school or within walking distance of the beach...unless that’s what you want.


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