Volume XV, Issue 1                                                              1st Quarter 2007

Top Retirement Spots for

Today’s Retirees

For years retirees have made their way to Florida or Arizona seeking warm climates, sunshine, golf courses, tennis courts and mountain retreats. Sounds perfect? Well, think again.

The Wall Street Journal Online recently reported that retirees are, “telling builders, developers and researchers that they are looking primarily for … a community where they can make friends and connections quickly, whether it’s a small town or a walkable neighborhood in a big city.

A close second and third on the priority lists: a home that’s near grandchildren, and a setting where one can indulge a post-work passion, such as a second career, a newly adopted sport or even, for a growing number of people, farming.”

Whether it’s the mixed-use development, a small town, or seeking an urban experience are all elements of the same thing: “It’s a community where you get to know each other,” says John McIlwain, 62 years old, a senior resident fellow for the Urban Land Institute, a research group in Washington… “You’re walking around, and you get to know your neighbors, you get to know the shopkeepers, because you meet them on the street”.

Thinking about some nontraditional retirement destinations? Here’s the short list:

Small Towns: Mount Airy, N.C. (Andy Griffith’s hometown ala Mayberry)

Downtowns: Chicago

Mixed-Use Developments: Atlantic Station

Hobby Farms: Oklahoma and Florida

Co-Housing: Colorado

Rail Trails: Michigan and South Carolina

Retirees are looking for destinations that offer tranquility, beauty, and activities. Want more information on any of these destinations? Feel free to contact me ~ I’ve got an extensive referral system nationwide/worldwide just waiting to work for you and make your dreams come true!

Source: Wall Street Journal Online and http://www.AtlanticStation.com                                                       

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