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Is Your Home "Healthy"?

Within the past 2 months, I have attended at least two seminars dealing with various environmental risks within homes:



Lead Paint


Oil Tanks




If you’ve sold or bought a home within the last 20 years, you know that Seller’s have had to disclose information on the first 5 items listed above.

"Recently, mold-related illnesses have made headlines and television shows have explained how serious a problem mold can become in your home", writes George Riegel, Jr. M.D., President of Healthy Homes. Dr. Reigel performs home and commercial Indoor Air Quality Studies in order to identify potential health hazards.

Also available to assess indoor air/mold and bacteria sampling is Chris Cote of Air Analysis and Consulting Co., Inc.

"If you smell foul or musty odors or see black areas on wood, plaster or drywall...this mold growth is very typical after water damage by water pipes, roof or basement leaks or sewer backups. The job may have been improperly or inadequately cleaned up, and the bacteria and fungus continue to multiply causing the odors and therefore the symptoms to your family...headache, stuffy nose, a tired feeling, coughing, chest pain, allergic type reaction and many other symptoms," writes Dr. Reigel.

Call me if you’d like more information on mold or other indoor quality questions...I have contact numbers for these experts in these areas.


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