Volume XIV Issue 2                                                                          2nd Quarter 2006


Caring For Your Beautiful Granite

The look is dramatic. You wanted it in your dream kitchen and bathrooms... Now that you have it ~ how do you care for your beautiful countertops?

First of all, Glenn Haege, the ever-popular Detroit News columnist, recommends, “with any granite, or stone, is to seal it. The most delicate part of any stone is the inside. A penetrating sealer soaks through the surface and protects the inside of the stone.”

Mr. Haege compares granite to a “very stiff sponge. Anything you spill on it can penetrate and do serious damage. Even water spills can lift the level of the stone and cause it to crack or chip.”

One should inquire from the installer whether the granite’s been sealed or not.

“Sealing in not a one-time thing. It should be done once every year or two. If you have an older house and can’t remember the last time you sealed it, or just moved into an existing house granite, figure it hasn’t been sealed and clean and seal it.”

Haege recommends the following products for cleaning: Granite Gold (www.granitegold.com or 888.475.STONE) and Stone Care International – SCI (www.stonecare.com or 888.839.1654). You’ll find Stone Care International products at Ace Village Hardware.

"Granite Gold warns that everyday cleaning products such as Windex, 409 and Soft Scrub can damage and discolor granite...cotton cloths, especially terry cloth towels, are important tools for stone countertop cleaning. Make sure you have a plentiful supply and launder them after every use.”

To seal your granite countertops; start with SCI Marblemist to clean the surface. Wipe dry with terry cloth then air dry for 6 to 12 hours before sealing, following the directions.

Daily maintenance of your granite means dabbing up standing water. No wiping, especially with your dishwashing sponge (it’s full of soap and harmful particulates.)

Every Week you’ll need to sanitize the surface with Counterrific, standing for 5 minutes and then wiped with paper towels.

Use Granite Gold Polish or SCI Stone Polish for Monthly maintenance of your granite. v

Source: The Detroit News


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