Volume XV, Issue 2                                                              2nd Quarter 2007

Just as Staging the interior of a home to prepare for marketing is important for the Buyer’s initial impression —so is the landscaping of a property. 

The good news is that even if your home isn’t on the market, it’s value is increased by the right landscaping...as a beautiful frame can turn a photograph into a work of art—so can the right landscaping turn a home into a showplace.  For buyers, attractive landscaping shows that a home is loved.

Your well-designed landscape doesn’t only include sumptuous lawns and colorful flower beds, but also trees, shrubs,  irrigation, “rockscaping”, lighting and water features. 

Smart homeowners/buyers will want to consult experts on what plants would thrive on their property before they delve into their project.  Here’s the top four conditions to consider:

P Soil Condition:  To analyze soil, home owners should contact a local college extension service, master gardener or kit from a garden center.  An analysis will determine the pH balance of the soil.  Depending on your plants—near neutral pH is ideal.  Other plants enjoy acidic soil. 

P Drainage:  Whether your soil is sandy, silty, clay or loam...it will affect soil drainage.  The Grosse Pointes are notorious for lots of clay in our soil which may drain poorly preventing nutrients and oxygen from reaching plant roots. 

P Sunlight:  Check to see where, when and how much sun occurs in your yard.  Choose the plantings that thrive in the proper sunlight.

P Hardiness Zone:  Also known as the climate zones, this is our guide to help you know which plants will grow where you live.

Hire Help—Create A Budget… Depending on the type of landscaping you’ll be tackling, a landscape architect, gardener, landscaper or arborist should be consulted to create a master plan.  When budgeting for a complete landscaping overhaul, rule of thumb is to plan about ten percent of the value of the home.






Here’s some great ideas that will impact your property’s appearance and maybe even boost resale value:

P Plant trees:  trees look great, cut down on heating/cooling costs…

P Go for year-round color:  choose green for all seasons (junipers, boxwood)…

P Help the environment:  a rain garden...xeriscape plants that don’t need much water…

P Make your yard livable:  transform a yard into a livable outdoor “room”…

P Just add water:  water-features are soothing...water cascading into a pond, hot tubs…

P Build a pergola:  columns/trelliswork for climbing plants add interest... v 

       Source:  REALTORŪ Magazine Online, Barbara Ballinger, March 2007



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