Volume XV, Issue 2                                                                             3rd Quarter 2007

Today’s Buyers expect well-outfitted kitchens, master bathrooms, and outdoor living spaces.  Here’s a list the next “it” spaces predictions in our homes:

· Game Room:  It used to be located in the basement, today’s Game Room is located on the main level, incorporating the latest and greatest in hip technology and toys such as big flat-screen/plasma TV’s and      billiard or air-hockey tables.

· Scrapbook Room:  A place to savor memories.

· Meditation Room:  The sanctuary for spiritual awareness.

· Home Management Center: This area allows the family to track   schedules...laundry, bill paying, computer desks help the process.

· Storage-and-More Room:  A place for storage and hobbies.

· Club Room:  This room is designed with Dad in mind.

· Screened Porch:  Not your regular screened porch...this one is updated with heated floors, fireplace and flat-screen TV.

· Airlock Space:  An area that safeguards deliveries of perishable foods or dry cleaning when nobody’s home.

· Pocket Library:  Homeowners don’t require an entire room in order to spend a few quiet moments with a favorite book.  These spaces can be fitted at the top of staircases in a large hallway.  Add some lighted bookshelves, a comfy chair and... Whalla! 

· Organization Room:  This space offers specialized areas for wrapping   paper stations, computer desk, craft tables and more.v 









Source:  REALTORŪ Magazine, May 2007




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