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Volume VII  Issue 4

4th Quarter 1999 


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Winter Is Approaching!

How To Protect Your Home


Winter is almost upon us! It’s hard to believe with Fall just settling in that snow, ice and cold aren’t far from making their appearance!

Many of us experienced tremendous damage to our homes last January and March. Roofs were tested under extreme weight from heavy snows, water seeped into basements, ceilings collapsed, gutters detached...

Here’s some Roof Tips:

Ice dams & icicles: When the warmth from the house melts the snow on roofs...drains down to cold gutters/overhangs and refreezes. The water backs up and gets under the shingles and into roofs, walls & ceilings.

One handyman columnist, Glenn Haege, urges owners to remove snow from roofs when a heavy snowfall occurs using a roof rake with an extension handle, snow hoe or snow shovel (be careful, though, not to puncture flat roofs membranes!).

Use calcium chloride at the rate of 1 cup every 100 sq. ft. (Haege recommends Dual Flake, Ice Devil, Storm Front or MAG) Pour calcium chloride in eaves’ troughs to clear them as well.

Some experts suggest using roof heat tapes (low-voltage electric cables that emit heat and can be plugged into an outdoor outlet to melt snow and ice...be careful! Some house fires have been associated with this item!)

Gutter Tips:

Reattach gutters that have pulled away due to the weight of the ice & snow asap

Use gutter guards to prevent clogged gutters.

Clean gutters religiously in the Spring & Fall


If your ceilings/walls get wet from ice damage, they must dry out for two to three weeks before repairing may begin

Use a fan and pull back the attic insulation to help the drying process for ceiling damage.

Window Tips:

Water-damaged windows need to be recaulked outside. (Use a siliconized acrylic caulk...most water-based acrylic caulks are useless in below-freezing temps! Red Devil has a new caulk out called POLAR caulk).

Consider replacing your windows if the inside of your windows are covered with moisture.

Pipe Tips:

If a pipe has burst: shut off your main water supply. Open the faucets in the basement (or 1st floor if no basement) to reduce pipe pressure. Try to determine whether the leak is a cold or hot water leak.

Basement Tips:

Keep snow mounds away from the foundation of your home...especially windows!

Have standing water in your basement removed professionally.

If water from sewer/sanitary lines back up into basement, everything has to be disinfected. (Using Lysol or similar product).

Electrical Tips:

Leaking water from a light fixture can be deadly! Turn off the circuit to the fixtures and do not use the fixture until the dripping stops! (Water plus electricity causes arcing or sparking...setting off an electrical fire)

These are just some of the precautions you can take during the winter storms. Protect one of your largest investments...winterize soon and you won’t be sorry! v

Information based on article found in The Detroit News, January 1999


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