Volume XVI, Issue 4                                                                            4th Quarter 2008

 Curbscaping—Adding Value

of staging the interior of houses when preparing to place properties on the    market.  “Companies that rate home     staging results report that a staged home can potentially reduce selling time by half and improve sales prices by 5% - 7%.”, writes author Peg Guinta. 

      It stands to reason then, that an improved exterior is as important—if not more so — than interior staging.  It’s common sense that most buyers form opinions as they drive by potential homes.  “...a home’s   exterior is a powerful, pre-emptive stage-setter, keeping prospects’ interest intact”.

      In essence, the major elements: landscaping, structural items and architectural    features should appear cohesive and well-kept. 

     Prospective Sellers need only take a close look at their foundation plantings, a well-defined and welcoming front walkway. Money Magazine, February 2000, reported that, “a nicely landscaped property can allow owners to recoup 100-200% of their investment at selling time”.

      Another survey by HomeGain reported, “...that a simple improvement such as ‘landscape & trim’ with a typical cost of $432-$506 can bring an increase in sale price from $1,594—$1,839...a 266% average return.” 

      Patios, decks and inviting outdoor living spaces heighten sales appeal and add real economic value when it’s time to sell.

     Sellers should concentrate on the following elements:

 Front Entryway (make a good first impression...a welcome mat, a wreath, brass knocker and kick-plate, benches)

 Color (front door color is quick and inexpensive...compliment the house/trim color, house numbers, mailbox should be interesting)

 Hardscaping (those items leading to the front door—slate, brick, stone, etc.)

 Driveways, porches and walkways (here’s where you make huge impacts...no overgrown shrubs, grass, loose slates)





Finally, don’t overlook the value of a tree.  According to the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers, based on its maturity it can have an appraisal value of between $1,000 to $10,000. v

 Source:  RISmedia, Peg Guinta, January 2008




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