Whether you’re buying or selling property in or around the Grosse Pointes, you deserve a professional who’s committed to producing results. In this ever-changing marketplace, you can be assured you’ve employed an educated, experienced and articulate REALTOR©.

As your Exclusive Buyer’s Agent: 

I will consult with you in finding the home that fits your desired criteria, availability of financing, formulating of acquisition strategies and negotiating purchase agreements. 
Your best interests are represented by my real estate experience of 30 years, negotiating capabilities and knowledge of the area’s housing market. 

As your Exclusive Seller’s Agent: 

I will help you in marketing your home to its best potential. 
I will help you determine fair market value via a Comparable Market Evaluation, present a comprehensive, formal Marketing plan for your home and offer follow through on that plan which will yield you the greatest possible profit from your real estate investment. 
I will advise you of market changes that will affect your property’s value, and assist in the decision-making process of accepting offers from potential purchasers. 
My clients benefit by the excellent rapport I have developed with mortgage lenders, past clients and local brokers. In fact, most of my transactions stem from personal referrals, the true measure of customer satisfaction and confidence. My professionalism, caring attitude and commitment to my clients will translate to a smooth transaction from beginning to close.